Mowing and harvesting technology
for livestock


Born out of tradition, grzu den Katalogenassland is a major range at Prillinger. Over 8,300 parts are professionally and clearly presented in 2 catalogues. Whether oscillating or rotating, mowing technology is a particular focus in our grassland programme. Due to the variety, the blade and motor mower parts are grouped together in a separate catalogue. Lastly manure technology parts and the field of animal husbandry have been significantly expanded.

We can offer a varied and wide grassland range through our own in-house production. We produce tines, skids, sliding plates, tine bars, mower and sickle bar parts as well as complete self pick-ups.

Genuine brands in stock

Prillinger has over 8,300 replacement parts and genuine brands for the field of grassland always in stock. The major genuine brands are:

Parts on stock for many manufacturing brands

Our grassland range is suitable for over 160 different machine and device manufacturers in the field of grassland, such as:

Aebi, Agria, Bauer, Bcs, Bergmann, Brielmaier, Bucher, Busatis, Busatis-Gebusa, Case, Claas, DeLaval, Dechentreiter, Deutz-Fahr, Exklusiv, Gaspardo, Hartmann, Niemeyer, Kemper, Kirchner, Knüsel, Köppl, Krone, Kuhn, Kverneland, Landsberg, Lely, Ley, Logifeed, Luclar, Marmix, Mayer Siloking, Mengele, Mengele-Epple, Molon, Mörtl, New Holland, Nussmüller, Rasant, Omas, Peecon, Pöttinger, PZ-Vicon, Pz-Zweegers, R.H.M, Rapid, Rasspe, Reform, Schicht, Seko, Sgariboldi, Sip, Skiold-Buchmann, Steyr, Stockey Schmitz, JF Stoll, Strautmann, Taarup, Trioliet, Trunkenpolz, Unifeed, Vakutec, Vicon, Vogel u. Noot, Voran Kranzl, Walker, Welger, Westfalia.