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Air conditioning technology

Air conditioning-service stations, leak detectors and much more – with more than 850 parts PRILLINGER provides a full-service in the field of air conditioning. We offer replacement components for 19 different tractor brands as well as the efficient Lokring and Lokclip system for the repair and manufacture of hoses and piping.

Additional services

Air conditioning - service center

The air-conditioning service centre from Prillinger offers its customers a system solution that enables professional and reliable hose and pipe manufacture, which in turn significantly simplifies the process in the workshop.

The idea to create an air-conditioning service centre, to the initial stocking on site through to the delivery of spare parts delivery – Prillinger provides an overall holistic system in the field of air-conditioning technology: Tools, hoses, pipes, fittings, storage system.

An air-conditioning service centre offers you the possibility to repair or to customize piping or hose lines in a very short time. The innovative Lokclip and Lokring system also enables a fast and secure line production without the need to purchase expensive equipment. The centre can be customized to your needs. An example of this is only the hose or just the pipe variant can be selected.